Samba Com Vida 2019

Post Author: Alexandre Camões (April 22, 2019)

The second edition of Samba Com Vida 2019, with more than 500 participants from 14 countries, turned out to be a huge success and one of the biggest Samba Festivals in Portugal.
The teachers – Mestre Odilon, Raissa De Oliveira, Squel Jorgea and Patrick Carvalho amazed the participants with their passion, great methods of teaching and professionalism.

This year Samba Com Vida was proud to present the 2019 “Globos do Samba” (Samba Globe Awards). The main purpose of Globos do Samba is to reward the work of the Samba Schools and the sambistas of Portugal. There is an award for best Comissão de Frente, Mestre-Sala, Porta Bandeira, Bateria, Madrinha de Bateria, Ala de Passistas, Passista Masculino, Carnavalesco, Harmonia em Desfile, Escola em Palco, Escola de Samba.

This is the concept of “Globos do Samba”: First the samba schools in Portugal choose their favourites, then after the performance of top 4 nominees of each category, final votes are cast.

Results of Globos do Samba 2019:

Bateria: G.S. Sócios da Mangueira

Madrinha de Bateria: Raquel Pombo (Sócios da Mangueira)

Porta-Bandeira & Mestre-Sala: Catarina Rodrigues (G.R.E.S. Trepa de Estarreja) & Renato Sabão (G. S. Sócios da Mangueira)

Grupo/Ala de Passistas:G.R.E.S. Bota no Rego

Comissão de Frente: G.R.E.S. Trepa de Estarreja

Escola em Palco: G.R.E.S. Bota no Rego – Sesimbra

Escola de Samba: G.R.E.S. Trepa de Estarreja

Passista Masculino: Hugo Neves – G.R.E.S. Juventude Vareira

Harmonia em Desfile: A.C.R.E.S. Vai Quem Quer – Estarreja

Carnavalesco: Juan Rodriguez & Com. Verde e Branco – A.C.R.E.S. Vai Quem Quer

The organizers of “Globos do Samba” have given two other awards without considering any votings – “Globo de Carreira” for “life” achievement in the Samba world and “Globo de Mérito” for excellence in work besides the carnival.

This year “Globo de Carreira” award winner was João Fernando (1941), founder of Charanguinha from Ovar, 1984, one of the most important schools in Portuguese samba history.

“Globo de Mérito” received G.R.E.S. BOTA from Sesimbra. Besides the samba school, they have a theatre group, a music school with more than 100 kids, a big band and they organize the festival Mega Samba.

Another highlight of Festival Samba Com Vida 2019 was the amazing show of Grupo Fundo de Quintal, a popular Samba band which appeared in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the 1970s. The participants of the Samba Com Vida Festival had the chance to see one of their last performances in Europe and enjoyed a huge party, singing and dancing to some of the most famous songs of the band.

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