Dani Brazila Novi Sad 2019

Post Author: Tsveta Davidkova (September 2, 2019)

Novi Sad, the capital of Serbian province Vojvodina, welcomed with open arms hundreds of admirers of Brazilian culture once again. The biggest Brazilian festival in Eastern Europe celebrated its 10th anniversary with a lot of swing, exciting stage shows, wonderful workshops and a crazy parade. 

“Dani Brazila” was organized by Artkor Association, whose goal is dedicated to popularization of culture and bringing artists together. At first, there was a series of events called “Bossanoga”, promoting traditional Brazilian music, pagode, samba funk and electronic music, which later turned into a big festival “Days of Brazil”. [1]
Capoeira Senzala, Escola de Samba “Sambansa” for percussionists and Escola de Samba “Sambalkinhas” for dancers, are the three Brazil inspired schools that have a huge impact on the success of “Dani Brazila” and promotion of Brazilian culture in Vojvodina.  

This year, to spice up the 10th anniversary, three days of intense workshops for advanced musicians and dancers took place.
Ivana Vajagić, leader of “Sambalkinhas”, taught interesting new moves, which dancers could practice during stage show and parade. 
Mestre Rui [2], who was a student of Mestre Peixinho and Mestre Beto in the old Senzala Academy in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, and Mestre Steen from Copenhagen, Denmark, who is also working with Mestre Peixinho and is a supervisor of Senzala in Novi Sad, lead the capoeira workshops.

Special guests of “Sambansa” were Mestre Chuvisco from Rio de Janeiro and Mestra Clarissa from Vienna, Austria. 

Chuvisco, Mestre de Bateria of G.R.E.S. Estácio de Sá since 2009, has more than 20 years of experience in Samba Percussion and has performed in the carnival with São Clemente, Salgueiro, Beija flor, Unidos Da Tijuca, Grande Rio, Viradouro, etc .. [3] Every year, he gives workshops throughout Europe and South America and has a very strong public support.

Clarissa Altmann, Mestra de Bateria of Escola de Samba Baturim in Vienna, started with Samba in 2001 and found her group in 2007. In Rio, she joined rehearsals of Schools of Grupo Especial like Salgueiro, Grande Rio, Mangueira, Villa Isabel etc. and started parading through Sambodromo as a Tamborim player with G.R.E.S Portela in 2013. This year, she took part in the Carnival with G.R.E.S Portela and G.R.E.S. Estácio de Sá. She travels to different samba festivals in Europe as well, gives workshops and is a leading Member of famous group Bloco X. [3]

They both created an amazing atmosphere and motivated the players to give all their energy and love to the performance. Everybody had a great opportunity to practice new helpful techniques, work on their swing, learn some interesting breaks for the bateria show and have a loooot of fun.  Mestre Chuvisco and Mestra Clarissa shared some of their experience in leading bateria and talked about the exciting, but sometimes stressful preparation for the carnival and the huge honor of being  part of G.R.E.S. Estácio de Sá.

The rehearsals on both Friday and Saturday were followed by wonderful shows in the city center of Novi Sad.
On Friday, the Opening ceremony of the festival took place. Happy to get in touch with Brazilian culture, the crowd enjoyed an amazing presentation of Capoeira Senzala, whose members showed impressive movements to the catchy rhythms of berimbau.

Bateria Sambansa and the Samba dancers of “Sambalkinhas” presented the beauty of Rio Samba.

A lovely performance of Bossa Nova by Nevena Reljin (vocal and percussion), Vukašin Mišković (guitar) and Vladimir Samardžić (el.bass) left the audience speechless in a great summer night ambience.

Saturday night was dedicated to the uniqueness of Brazilian culture as well. Astonishing footages of different parts of Brazil were displayed on a big screen and everybody had a bird’s eye view at stunning beaches, amazing architecture and rich nature.

The concert started with Sambansa’s show together with Novi Sad’s wonderful Samba dancers, followed by the attractive dance of Tropicana Samba Show from Moscow.

Another group from Russia’s capital, Bloco Clandestino, gained enthusiastic applause with their unique repertoire, talented percussionists and very gifted singer.

Banda Berimbao from Trst, Italy performed last. They impressed the audience with rhythms of Samba Reggae, famous Brazilian Samba songs and a great performance with the traditional instrument berimbau, played by their singer, guitarist and cavaco player Benni Alessandro Parlante. Later, some of Sambansa’s members and their guests, along with Mestra Clarissa Altmann and Mestre Chuvisco joined the group on the stage and played a few amazing Samba enredos.

After 00:00, the party continued at Petrovaradin fortress, where DJ Patife, a famous Brazilian drum and bass DJ from São Paulo, was highlight of the night.

Sunday morning was not easy for the adults, but full of fun activities for the youngest guests of the festival, who wanted to know more about Brazilian culture. This year, “Dani Brazila” organized a drawing workshop for children, which was held by Yara Peres Rangelov and Marije Milenović.
They talked about geography and history of Brazil, showed different costumes and beautiful symbols, part of a specific non-verbal communication of Brazil’s indigenous people, which the kids represented on paper by using only natural pigments.

The long-awaited parade in the city center of Novi Sad started late afternoon and attracted hundreds of viewers from whole Eastern Europe. The groups and their guests performed what they practised in the intense three-days-workshop and had a blast.

Capoeira Senzala surprised everybody with their youngest members and won the hearts of the audience.

Mestre Chuvisco and Mestra Clarissa lead the Samba Bateria in the parade with big smile on their faces.

It’s time to go home with great satisfaction of spending a few days with wonderful people, who love Brazilian culture. Very happy to have contributed to the growth of Brazilian culture in Novi Sad. Thank you for all affection and I hope to see you again… Samba has no borders!

Mestre Chuvisco

“Dani Brazila” is definitely worth the visit and is highly recommended to everybody who wants to have a loooot of fun, nice workshops, tasty food and beer and crazy party until 8 in the morning. Novi Sad as European Youth Capital 2019 and European Capital of Culture 2021 has created a wonderful environment for young people and is one of the most amazing cities in Europe. You can feel the summer taking a walk on the streets in the city center, around the river and all the way in the Petrovaradin fortress, from where you can take a look at the whole city and the beautiful Danube.

[1] http://www.danibrazila.org/eng/info.php
[2] https://capoeira.fandom.com/wiki/Mestre_Rui
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Photo credits:
Svetlane Braun
Danijel Rauški
Vladimir Veličković
Tsveta Davidkova

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