Les Nuits Frappées de Bruniquel 2019

Post Author: Claude Willmann (September 3, 2019)

This year, “Les Nuits Frappées de Bruniquel” gained big success, attracting more than 4500 visitors in the beautiful southern parts of France.
Seven bands from different parts of Europe took part in the festival. At 5 pm on 31st August, all of them paraded from the tiny lovely village of Bruniquel to Castle of Bruniquel. On the way up, they played together a song, which they learned earlier that day. The musicians had a lot of fun, even though they had to face difficulties such as parading through small streets and keeping an eye on the directors, who were far from each other, but had to make same signs during the parade.
“Les Nuits Frappées de Bruniquel” was an amazing experience for the audience as well. One part of the crowd was following Sambistas all the way to Château de Bruniquel (Castle of Bruniquel), taking a closer look at this spectacular parade.  A lot of people were already waiting for the bands at Castle’s entrance, excited to hear some nice Samba Reggae rhythms.

At 6 pm, parade was over and the bateria got split in seven different bands. There were two stages, “la scene du chateau”, which was located in the castle, and  “la barbacane”, an open-air stage with bleachers and a raised platform. Each group presented a 20 minutes long show, which was played 5 times that night.

At 23:30, all groups gathered together on stage “la barbacane” once again –  a very special moment, because a special mixed bateria show of each band’s repertoire was created and everybody played together as one big family.
During this performance, the castle closed and seven huge food trucks arrived – what a perfect ending of this wonderful batucada night.  
Despite the unbelievable hot weather, this year “Les Nuits Frappées de Bruniquel” reached its highest number of visitors and is the most successful edition of the festival.

For our festival’s 10th anniversary next year, we are already working on creating a great edition with a lot of surprises.

Organizers of “Les Nuits Frappées de Bruniquel”

Photo credits:
Henri Auborn
Philippe Sahaly
Gégé Neg

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