COVID-19 affects the Samba World

When it comes to disruptions caused by COVID-19, samba events are no exception. Samba events cause a large gathering. Where it’s true, no one parties like a sambista, it is also true that such parties are inapproriate and dangerous at this point. Carrying out Samba events and/or parties would also be disrespectful when death toll raises every moment throughout the world.

Most of the major events across the planet have already been cancelled. Including the infamous Karneval Der Kulturen in Berlin. Samba events around June and July might be postponed. The international samba festival in Coburg (July 2020) recently confirmed that no schedule change has been introduced at the moment. August onwards however seems safe and no cancellations or schedule changes have been recorded.

Samba Diary cancelled all events on the calendar and no information will be shared about events occuring until May 31st. This decision was taken to avoid confusion and to refrain from sharing misleading information. Please contact local samba schools or event organizers for more information.

Samba Diary wishes Sambistas and their families lots of health and success. If someone would like to teach samba dance or percussion classes online, Péter Sós has designed a free of charge tool to help you carry out activities from home. Please click here for details and usage.

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