35. Bremer Carnival

Post Author: Tsveta Davidkova (April 6th, 2020)

Germany’s biggest samba and mask carnival, the Bremer Carnival, welcomed thousands of visitors this year. As the carnival took place on February 14th and 15th, theme was “Im Rausch der Liebe” or “In ecstasy of love”. Groups from Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Poland took part in Bremer Carnival’s 35th edition.

The celebration started on Friday evening with a stunning parade of luminous masks and stilts figures. Spectators felt like in a fairy-tale and could enjoy a calm, romantic atmosphere on Bremen’s quiet, narrow streets.

Not long afterwards, an event known as “The warm-up” took place. Everyone who had been waiting for the carnival all year could party all night and watch incredible samba groups rocking all three stages of Bremer Carnival with wonderful stage shows.

The long-awaited parade started at noon on February 15th. Drummers, dancers, masquerades and stilts walkers could show off their extraordinary costumes, inspired by “ecstasy of love” theme.  

After the parade groups could join an amazing Open-Air show at one of three stages, built for the carnival.

Like every year, the big party continued at Bremen’s old slaughterhouse (Schlachthof), where ‘Bal d’Amour’ or the ball of love took place. Guests could enjoy the diversity of Brazilian music with colorful costumes, talented dancers and catchy rhythms. Inspired by this year’s theme, many groups performed not only favorite samba enredos and breaks, but also well-known love songs with great singers and pulled off a great show with samba and contemporary dance. This memorable night finished under the crazy rhythms of DJ Jocar.

This year’s Carnival in Bremen left all its visitors speechless and they can’t wait to come back for more next February.

[1] http://bremer-karneval.de/

Photo credits:
Norbert A. Mueller

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