Carnaval de Estarreja 2020

Post author Tsveta Davidkova (April 13th, 2020)

On February 19th, the muncipality of Estarreja turns into one of the biggest and most colorful samba events in Europe, where drums thunder and glitter rains!

First celebrated in 1897, the Estarreja Carnival is one of the biggest and oldest carnivals in Portugal. Visitors can experience Brazilian samba carnival and tradition, enjoying beautiful costumes and wonderful songs, written specifically for the carnival.

Estarreja carnival started with so called “Marchas Luminosas” (March of lights). The streets of Portugal’s beautiful small town were filled with a lot of joy, color and satire.

Trepa Bateria

On March 2nd, approximately 36 thousand spectators could enjoy the performances of 5 Samba schools, 7 Folk groups, 4 informal groups, 15 floats and 5 parades. Not only visitors of Estarreja but also people from 150 other countries were connected to the Carnival through Live streaming on Facebook, reaching 304,943 views online.

A.C.R.E.S. Vai quem Quer
Dancers and bateria of A.C.R.E.S. Vai quem Quer

Champions of 2020 carnival

This year’s carnival was won by “Vai Quem Quer” and “Os Viscondes”. “Vai Quem Quer” is the oldest school, which also paraded in the carnival of the state of São Paulo. Their theme was  “Feito Por Medida”, or “Made by measures”, inspired by the true artists of Carnival City – costume makers, tailors and stylists.

Os Viscondes Float
Float from Os Viscondes

The group “Os Viscondes” took first place with their theme “Salreu 2020”, paying tribute to a small Portuguese parish in the municipality of Estarreja, known for its rich nature. The theme brought a global concern about climate change.

Float Trepa Coqueiro
G.R.E.S Trepa de Estarreja parading down the sambodromo de Estarreja

The other schools and groups also impressed their audience with beauty, inspiring themes and high quality of music, starting with topics like discovery of the sea route to India, going through life of bees, honey and beekeepers, as well as gambling games or choosing the life of the most famous cartoon sailor Popeye and his girlfriend as a theme for their show.

Runner up was last year’s champion samba school “Trepa de Estarreja”, which presented an enredo about the most famous superstitions and myths with the plot “Acreditar eu não acredito, mas que as há, há…” (I believe,I don’t believe, but there are, there are…).  The group “Saias & Companhia”, which celebrates its 18th anniversary this year, was inspired by metamorphosis of butterflies.

Saias & Companhia
The “Gresfa” with “Pollen’Asia” presented the world of bees, honey and beekeepers.

On February 24th, the Carnival Night was taken over by amazing musicians like Banda Deixa Rolá, several DJs and Favela Lacroix entertained guests and participants of the Carnival and created a joyful, unforgettable atmosphere.

Dj Estarreja

This year, in a partnership with ERSUC, Municipality of Estarreja turned the Carnival into a sustainable event with a commitment to reduce environmental impact by promoting proper waste management. Estarreja’s municipality provided equipment for waste seperation of plastic packaging, common waste and cigarette butts. Reusable bottles were provided to more than 1650 participants. The participating groups used their creativity and put materials from parades of previous editions into use of this year’s carnival.

As the dates for next year’s party is already decided, participants, organizers and spectators are already excited for the next edition of Carnival Estarreja: the party will take place on 6th to the 16th of February 2021.

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UNCLE  Multimedia
Carlos Marques
Muncipality of Estarreja

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