TypeSamba no pé, Brazil-Fit
PriceDonation based (1.16€ – 9.30€)
PlatformFacebook and Youtube
Home BasePoland

Kashira is offering Samba no Pé, Brazil-Fit and High-Heels Samba from Monday till Saturday. She offers basic, intermediate and advanced samba lesssons.

Kashira is a professional dancer and choreographer. She has been dancing since 2016 at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro as a Madrinha de Bateria and also as a Musa and Passista of Samba Schools from Grupo Especial. She has been dancing since she was 6 years old. She studied many styles of dance like: disco, jazz, broadway jazz, afro dance, belly dance, hip-hop, commercial, classical dance, folk dance, brazilian samba, burlesque and others.

She is a qualified dance and fitness instructor (various forms). She graduated from the University of Physical Education in Warsaw (physical education), UWM (commodity science) and Dance & Choreography School in Warsaw. She trained dance and fitness in Poland and abroad.

She has her own style and methodology to teach Samba no Pé. Her classes are full of positive energy, technique and choreographies.

Kashira has experience performing in the following countries:

Brazil, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Taiwan, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Lithuania and Turkey.


Classes are open for everyone. If you wish to support Kashira’s project you can donate at kashira.store. You can pay between 1.16€ and 9.30€.

Schedule and classes:

Kashira teaches live via her facebook group Samba online z Kashira. Her videos are recorded and can be watched later on her YouTube channel Kashira.

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