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Carl Dixon teaches percussion and directs the Brazilian Bateria ensemble at the University of Colorado-Boulder and has served as the Musical Director of the Boulder Samba School since 2009.

Carl is available for online lessons, workshops, and residencies. Topics can include beginning to advanced techniques and rhythms for all Brazilian percussion instruments, including all instruments available from Virada Drums.

Individual lessons are always crafted to the goals and interests of each student. Additional resources such as notation, recorded examples, and practice play along audio tracks can be included with lessons. Instruments and topics can include:

Bateria instruments (tamborim, caixa, repique, agogo, surdo, chocalho, etc.)
Pagode instruments (tantan, reco-reco, tamborim, surdo, repique de anel, etc.)
Hand drums (congas, timbal, cajon, etc.)
Stick technique

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