Jordan Ferguson Music

TeacherJordan Ferguson
Price£25 | €25 | $25
PlatformFacebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype
Home BaseScotland

Jordan is an experienced percussionist and educator who has studied Brazilian music since 2009. He has performed with many groups of different demographics and styles from the UK, both at home and abroad. Also with performing experience in Brazil with various blocos in Sao Paulo.

In addition to the free lessons being delivered on Facebook Live, you can also get one-one or small group sessions with Jordan. 

All individual lessons will be bespoke to suit the level and experience of each student and can cover a wide variety of styles from Samba, Pagode, Samba Reggae, Maracatu, Coco, Axe and more.

A brief overview of instruments covered:

Bateria instruments: tamborim, caixa, repique, agogo, surdo, chocalho.
Pagode instruments: tantan, reco-reco, tamborim, surdo.
Hand drums: congas, timbal + cajon,
Maracatu/Forro: Zabumba, Triangle, Alfaia, Caixa
Pandeiro (Moderno Technique)
Stick technique

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