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TeacherAndrea Trabucco
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Andrea Trabucco has lived in Rio three years straight during the wonderful period of the early 2000s. Immersed himself in the culture, music and life of the “cidade maravilhosa”. He has studied “Pandeiro moderno” with Suzano and Krakowski, Ritmos folkloricos of Brazil and modern grooves for bateria with Dudu Fuentes and Gabriel Policarpo, Candomble with Dofono de Omolu, and many others. He has played at sambodromo with samba schools and played and lived many Rio street Carnivals with bangalafumenga and other blocos.

Since then he has travelled for years to other parts of Brazil mainly Pernambuco, Bahia e Maranhao to absorb other rhythms and cultures. Maracatu, Coco, Coco da Xambà, Tambor de Mina and other intriguing and less known rhythms.

Back in home base Genoa, Italy he founded his own “Bloco Jaè” playing for ten years in many parades and opening acts at festivals in Europe and Italy. Now he leads his own solo loop station batucada projects, Batucada Loka, offering Live Shows and Workshops.

He offers lessons on Pandeiro, Caixa, Repique, Tamborim, Surdo etc. in the traditional style of samba school and modern styles and grooves. Candomblé rhythms (ketu traditional and applied to bateria instruments) and chants, Maracatu grooves, alfaia phrases etc. How to create modern arrangements starting by folkloric grooves; He offers also insights into Afro-brazilian candomblé and connections with samba and an insider view on favela and samba street life.

During the lessons you can talk English or Portuguese or maybe some giria (slang) too!

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