About Us

What is Samba Diary?

Samba Diary is an open international samba events sharing network. Created in February 2019, the website is mainly focused but not limited to on Rio style samba.


The mission of Samba Diary is to spread the magic of Brazilian rhythms, reach out to people from new Baterias and let them grow by bringing them together with experienced players.


  • Upcoming Events: Samba Diary provides a general overview of upcoming events. Sambistas can get all the useful information they need before registering for or going to the event.
  • Articles: Once the event is passed, Samba Diary publishes an article highlighting all its major happenings. That way, Samistas who did not manage to join can also get a general idea of how the event was and plan for it the coming year(s).
  • Samba Calendar: Samba Diary offers a calendar that can be synchronized with Google Calendar. This makes it easier for Sambistas to plan their yearly schedule and get reminded before the event.
  • Shopping Center: Samba Diary offers a shopping center, which is basically a page that provides links to a variety of Samba shops across the world.
  • Samba Schools info: A page has been set up to provide basic information about Samba Schools situated across the globe. The purpose is to give information to people hoping to start their Samba career in a new city and through Samba Diary they can know whether there is a Samba school nearby.
  • Email Subscriptions: Samba Diary offers an email subscription service so that subscribers can easily read about new events and articles in their email without needing to visit the website.
  • Social Media communication: Samba Diary has a vast social media network through which they are connected to their fans and the official pages/accounts of big Samba Schools, percussionists and dancers. This makes it easier for people to bring in new ideas and get their events published.

Developers of Samba Diary

Samba Diary was developed and is maintained by two sambistas based in Germany. Waleed and Tsveta, a samba couple, play with a number of European baterias including the infamous Bloco X. Both started their early samba career with Gato Sorriso in the city of Ulm.

As they traveled, they noticed how a large population was unaware of major samba events and so many people across the world were trying hard to learn samba but with no access to real teachers, which ended up with them creating a music genre far from any samba genre known to mankind. The more they traveled the more they felt the need to bring all sambistas together where schools outside Brazil could be highlighted and information could be easily shared.

On February 1st 2019, Samba Diary came into existence and since then has covered hundreds of events which helped thousands of people across the world. Since both developers are percussionists, Samba Diary covered mainly percussion events in the first year, from 2020 onwards the coverage spread to Samba no pé.